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Kenny JowersKenny Jowers

As humans, we have totally disconnected ourselves from our bodies. We will spend money getting a nice hair cut or buy nice clothes while totally ignoring what lies underneath. Once you make the decision to reconnect with this thing that you have been given to carry you through life, hiring a fitness trainer will be the best money you will ever spend. Having someone to push you to show up, help you with proper form while preforming your movements and holding you accountable to be and do better, is the value of a trainer. Fitness trainers/instructors have the experience and the knowledge to help you not only attain a higher level of body/mind fitness (Yes, it is very much about the mind) that will change your life!

As a trainer, I live what I do. I own the gym and I work out! I also have a fitness trainer to help me to be better! As an Ace Certified fitness instructor, I have the tools to help you to be more. Ultimately though it's up to you, through your own dedication and commitment to yourself and having the true desire to do better.

I become your partner in these efforts. My approach to fitness is a combination of many things, while we are in the gym. I believe that it is crucial to move your body. So we move! I believe that we must elevate your heart rate and move your blood through your body. It makes you healthier! I am big on strength training in order for your cells and muscle fibers to be strong. It makes everything work better as you move though your life. There is more, much more. But, I think you get it. So, if are ready to be better and be healthier, then don't wait for some future date, start now. No time like NOW!!!

Paula StillmanPaula Stillman

I absolutely love what I do! Becoming a Personal Trainer was a natural fit for me.

As a child the one class I always excelled in was PE! I took dance and tumbling classes starting at a young age which later grew into competing in gymnastics in High School. In college I studied physical education, played sports, taught gymnastics and got my Bachelors degree in PE. I then became interested in The Feldenkrais Method, took the four year training and became a practitioner in 1993. I taught classes in Awareness Through Movement and worked one on one giving Function Integration lessons as well for many years.

Now as a Personal Trainer, I get to combine everything I’ve learned about working with people and helping them move in the direction they want to go on their fitness journey! Working out is such a passion of mine and I absolutely love passing on the knowledge that I’ve gained through receiving my Trainer certification, getting mentored by Kenny at Physical Gym/Therapeutics, and through my own fitness journey.

Whether you’re brand new to working out or you’re completely experienced in the gym, you can count on me to help you move forward with your fitness goals! I will definitely challenge you while keeping it fun and engaging.

“Paula is a very knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainer that has helped me get back into shape by providing me with the knowledge of how to properly use the equipment to avoid injury and maximize my progress. She has taught me more than I imagined possible.” - Lisa Woods

“Working with Paula has made me stronger, using muscles I forgot that I had. I feel fit and even stand taller. Paula is organized, caring, and competent. Thank you Paula.” -Gayle Stewart

“For several weeks, Paula worked with me twice a week, covering all the major muscle groups. Each session was planned ahead by Paula and she varied the muscles to be emphasized. I really appreciated the diversity as well as the increasing challenges. She encouraged and praised me. I highly recommend Paula’s style, attention, and knowledge of the human body physiology.” - Ursula Hamilton, Doctor of Chiropractic

Devin ZettlerDevin Zettler

Class: Hatha Flow Yoga

With over 20 years of yoga experience teaching and practicing, attending intensives and retreats, I want to offer students a positive, safe supportive place for their yoga practice. For any age or skill level, with a gentle evening class to unwind after work or before bed. Or morning classes before heading off to work. Come as you are, beginner or advanced, and use breath-based flow yoga to become more flexible, grounded and build strength and energy for overall health and well being.

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