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Kenny JowersKenny Jowers

As humans, we have totally disconnected ourselves from our bodies. We will spend money getting a nice hair cut or buy nice clothes while totally ignoring what lies underneath. Once you make the decision to reconnect with this thing that you have been given to carry you through life, hiring a fitness trainer will be the best money you will ever spend. Having someone to push you to show up, help you with proper form while preforming your movements and holding you accountable to be and do better, is the value of a trainer. Fitness trainers/instructors have the experience and the knowledge to help you not only attain a higher level of body/mind fitness (Yes, it is very much about the mind) that will change your life!

As a trainer, I live what I do. I own the gym and I work out! I also have a fitness trainer to help me to be better! As an Ace Certified fitness instructor, I have the tools to help you to be more. Ultimately though it's up to you, through your own dedication and commitment to yourself and having the true desire to do better.

I become your partner in these efforts. My approach to fitness is a combination of many things, while we are in the gym. I believe that it is crucial to move your body. So we move! I believe that we must elevate your heart rate and move your blood through your body. It makes you healthier! I am big on strength training in order for your cells and muscle fibers to be strong. It makes everything work better as you move though your life. There is more, much more. But, I think you get it. So, if are ready to be better and be healthier, then don't wait for some future date, start now. No time like NOW!!!

Eileen BuellEileen Buell

Eileen has spent most of her life coaching people. She worked her way through high school and college teaching swimming, lifeguarding and coaching baseball. Her passion for helping people through physical activities and fun led her to major in Recreation Administration at Humboldt State University.

When Eileen began working at the gym her interest in becoming a trainer was sparked by Denny Gold's encouragement and working with a gym member who was in the end stages of Parkinson's Disease. Having been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10 and experiencing some complications with the disease, Eileen has gained an understanding and compassion for people's different health complications. It seemed like a natural fit to use all her experiences and become a personal trainer, so she became certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) in 2007.

Eileen's approach to training is to make the experience as fun and challenging as possible. She specializes in the TRX strap system which uses your body weight and gravity to work every muscle, especially the core muscles. After training with Eileen you will be amazed at what your body is capable of doing.

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